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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Angus Tuck in the book Tuck Everlasting?

Angus (sometimes referred to as simply Tuck) is Mae's husband and the father of Jesse and Miles. He's a sad and withdrawn man, which the narrator suggests is because he's unhappy with his life as an immortal. He dreams of being in heaven and when he later looks at the body of the man in the yellow suit, he feels envious.

What does Angus Tuck think of the wheel?

People become suspicious of them and think they’re freaks. Tuck uses the metaphor of a wheel to explain the concept of living forever to Winnie. But dying's part of the wheel, right there next to being born. You can't pick out the pieces you like and leave the rest. Being part of the whole thing, that's the blessing.

Why does Angus Tuck have a lump in his throat?

Sure, those might be tears of sadness for losing a member of his family, but we're pretty sure there's more to it than that. That "lump in his throat" he has at her grave might just be due to some other emotions: happiness and relief. After all, before leaving the cemetery, he says, "'Good girl'" (Epilogue.23).

How old is Jesse Tuck in Tuck Everlasting?

Jesse is Angus and Mae's younger son. He's 17 and Winnie is immediately attracted to him when she comes across him drinking from the stream in her family's wood. Of all the Tucks, Jesse seems… read analysis of Jesse Tuck

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