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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do Angus cattle have to be to calving?

Angus cattle have been known to have quite a long life and cows as old as 12 to 13 years are still calving. They are less susceptible to skin diseases such as cancer eyes or sunburned udders.

Where can I buy young Dale Angus cattle?

Because of these relationships, Young Dale Angus has consigned cattle in many sales over the years, including The Summer Sensational in Virden, MB, the Fall Finale in Moose Jaw, SK, the Masterpiece Sale in Regina, SK and many other prestigious sales throughout the industry.

Why are Angus cattle a good choice for meat?

Angus cattle are well known for their very good quality of meat. Some would argue that they have a superior meat quality. Studied have shown that the Angus cattle have a most efficient feed conversion rate which gives Angus cattle a high return on the investment on them.

How old are black angus cows in Montana?

75 hd 8-9 yr old Black Angus cows Bred to Stevenson Angus black bulls To calve May 1st for 60 days Stout... The cows are in good flesh and have a nice big frame for a lot of salvage value this fall.

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