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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar does Angus Young play?

Summary of Young’s Equipment Angus is one of those guitar players who stick to one guitar pretty much for the entirety of their careers. In Young’s case, his guitar choice is the Gibson SG, which he used basically from the start.

How much does an Angus Young SG weigh?

The total average weight of a Angus Young SG body and neck together, before pickups and hardware are added, is 5.65 lb., which is par for the course for excellent examples of the SG Standard, which are known for their lightness.

What kind of frets does an Angus Young SG have?

The Angus Young SG sports 22 frets, all immaculately dressed and polished. The Angus Young SG fingerboard carries pearl "lightning bolt" position-marker inlays, as a custom appointment requested by Angus himself. Ebony is a very popular up-market fingerboard material, known for its strong, clear tone.

What makes a Gibson Angus Young SG Special?

The Custom Shop Angus Young SG will also be sold with a custom Certificate of Authenticity, a Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case, and a full range of owner's manuals and instruction sheets. The body of each Angus Young SG is crafted from solid clear mahogany with an offset center seam.

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