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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of amps does Angus Young use?

As far as the amps, Angus is best known for using Marshall Model 1959 Super Leads, although occasionally he used different Marshall models, as well as those from other brands. Most notably, both him and Malcolm used Wizard amps from around the mid to late 90s. Angus Young Equipment Guide

When did Angus Young get his Gibson Guitar?

In 2000 Angus Young and Gibson Guitars worked together on the Angus Young SG. The newly made guitar was made to replicate the sound of Angus’ first SG (the 1970/71 SG mentioned first on this list). Angus playing one of his Signature SG guitars at in Barcelona Spain, 2009.

How to play guitar tricks with Angus Young?

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How to imitate the sound of Angus Young?

If you want to imitate his sound, you should be thinking in terms of a brighter, more scratchy distortion, with higher treble and mid, going easy on the low end. We’ll first look at a list of Young’s gear and compare to what I had at my disposal:

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