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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar is Gibson Angus Young?

The Gibson USA Angus Young SG not only captures the look, feel and sound of a great SG, it also embodies some of the rare specs and qualities of Angus’s own ’68 model, known to be a stand-out example among a classic breed. Back, black and ready to rock, the Gibson USA Angus Young SG puts the full fury of that classic AC/DC tone in your hands.

What kind of music does Angus Young play?

Angus' signature is red that he plays it looks black on stage from the dark wood and the dark lighting Angus is playing a red or mahogany color most of the time. However for the back in black tour he used black. It was probably a red one painted black.

What kind of pickup does Angus Young use?

The neck pickup was most likely a Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 zebra, since this was the pickup that was used as a base for Angus Young Signature set released in 2000s, which means that Angus probably had some previous experience with PG pickups.

How long has Angus Young been in rockjers?

The Sydney-based Angus, who is teetotal, has been with the Australian band since he and his brother Malcolm set it up in November 1973. The rockjers are currently in the middle of their world tour having played a number of dates across Europe already; including France, Holland and Austria.

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