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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar does Angus Young play?

Summary of Young’s Equipment Angus is one of those guitar players who stick to one guitar pretty much for the entirety of their careers. In Young’s case, his guitar choice is the Gibson SG, which he used basically from the start.

When did the Gibson Angus Young SG come out?

Product Specs Brand Gibson Model Angus Young SG Finish Aged Cherry Year 2000s Made In United States 11 more rows ...

What kind of body does a Gibson Angus Young have?

Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, while its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability.

What kind of pickup does Angus Young use?

The neck pickup was most likely a Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 zebra, since this was the pickup that was used as a base for Angus Young Signature set released in 2000s, which means that Angus probably had some previous experience with PG pickups.

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