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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar does Angus Young play?

It’s well-documented that Angus Young is a no-nonsense player who prefers the sound of just a guitar and amp with no other effects. But there’s much more to Angus’ tone than just his timeless Gibson SG Standard and Marshall amp rig.

When did Angus Young buy his second Gibson?

This would appear to be the second Gibson SG Standard purchased by Angus in 1978. Cherry Red. 1978 is the year when Angus retired his first and most beloved SG to use in the studio only. Let’s consider why I believe that the ability of the musician is not ultimately dependant on the instrument.

What kind of body does a Gibson Angus Young have?

Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, while its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability.

When did Angus Young play with Razors Edge?

This guitar was Angus’ main during the Razors Edge (1990) and Ballbreaker (1995) tours, at least based on the frequency of use. Most notably, Angus used it on August 17, 1991, for the Live at Donington aka Monsters of Rock gig, and on July 10, 1996, during No Bull.

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