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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Bon Scott and Angus Young come back to UK?

AC/DC interview: Angus Young and Bon Scott on booze, sex and rock’n’roll By Harry Doherty ( Classic Rock ) 24 October 2019 When they came back to the UK in ’77, AC/DC had already made a name for themselves and were intent on laying waste to the country... as Bon Scott and Angus Young proved

Who was the original singer for Bon Scott?

Angus Young recently sat down with Triple M for an extensive interview detailing the seventeenth AC/DC studio album, Power Up. During the interview, Angus Young recalled the first time he saw vocalist Brian Johnson perform in Sydney with his pre-AC/DC band Geordie. Revealing that his stage presence knocked the socks off both Young and Bon Scott.

Where did Angus Young go to his gigs?

At gigs in places like Cardiff Top Rank, it was tailormade for Angus Young and his antics. Like some crazy hard rock version of Rock Around The Clock, he dives into the audience and finds himself on the dancefloor, surrounded by a perfect circle of headbanging fans.

How did Bon Scott make it through the gig?

Somehow, Bon Scott makes it through the gig, but I suspect that the bout of booze intake earlier was part of a normal daily diet for him. When we get back to the Post House hotel, the drinking resumes. Up in Angus’s room, we’re back on the hard stuff, with Angus maintaining tee-total status.

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