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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ANI News Channel a government agency?

It is a news agency which is a private body. They don't get any government funding. But again having said that, they are very close to government. This agency has its expertise in video bites but at the same time it even contributes in print and online news.

Which is the first TV news agency in India?

In 1971, Prem established ANI (initially TVNF, India's first television news feature agency) which gained extraordinary influence within the Congress Government.

Who is the chairman of Asian News International?

Asian News International. Asian News International ( ANI) is an Indian news agency based in New Delhi that provides multimedia news to 50 bureaus in India and most of South Asia. Coverage includes general news, entertainment, lifestyles, business, politics, science, sports and features. As of 2015 the chairman of the company was Prem Prakash.

What was the role of the Ani in Pakistan?

ANI is also believed to have played significant roles as allies of the Research and Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence agency; many of its videos depicted protests by fringe lobby groups and activists, on the aspects of human rights abuse in Pakistan.

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