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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a corner bookmark for kids?

Celebrate Read Across America Day & learn how to make a corner bookmark for kids. Cut out a small square piece of construction paper. Fold in half to create triangle. Rotate so long edge is at bottom and right angle faces up. Fold lower right corner to meet top tip of the triangle. Fold lower left corner to meet top tip of the triangle.

How to make a cute frog corner bookmark?

Cute Frog Corner Bookmark Create a green bookmark, cut one oval-shaped nose and two circles of the same color, also cut two smaller circles from white paper and one red tongue. Stick the tongue on the bookmark and glue nose over the tongue. Stick two green patch half on the bookmark followed by sticking white circles on the green circles.

How to make a bunny bookmark for kids?

Fold down top sheet (tip of the triangle touches base) and crease. Fold right and left corners to frame pre-folded top sheet. Unfold corners and tuck into flap to create corner bookmark. Sketch and cut out bunny animal features. Glue to bookmark. Add details to face with markers. Embellish with glitter glue. Dry 3–4 hours.

How do you make a hippo corner bookmark?

Grab a black sketch pen or marker and draw the black circle with a white patch (i.e. croissant shape with a border). Draw the border over the teeth. Take a blue sketch pen and draw two circles on the nose. Tada, Hippo Corner Bookmark is ready. Create a pink bookmark.

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