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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an anonymous bot produce messages?

Anonymous Bot can't "produce" messages. Any message sent by Anonymous bot was originally sent by a user (in the same channel). The liability lies with the user that invited Anonymous Bot to such channel (you can check the Slack setting for more details).

Is there an anonymous confess bot for discord?

An anonymous Confess bot for your Discord server! Easy setup! Confessions | Logging | Anonymous | Simple Send a message in one channel and it is deleted and posted in another anonymously! Private logs for administrators and a built-in banned word list to ensure this feature is not abused in your server.

How do I know if a bot is banning me?

The bot is banning links and supports auto-ban when report count is getting a lot. Search timeout. If you can't find someone to talk to within 15 minutes, the search will be canceled. Chat timeout. If chat is not active for 5 minutes, it's cancels automatically.

How do I send or receive messages anonymously?

How it works: Type /anonymous (no extra param) to open the dialog box. Type a message and click "Send". The bot will send the message without revealing your name. You can also reply to a message anonymously: click on the "More actions" (3 dots) next to a message and select "Reply anonymously".

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