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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get anonymous auto insurance quotes?

You can get anonymous auto insurance quotes but giving your personal information will make the quotes much more accurate. For example, a speeding ticket will increase your rates by about $45 a month. If you choose to get car insurance quotes online without personal info, you won’t know your rates will be higher.

Can I get a free auto insurance quote without a name?

Getting a free, anonymous quote for auto insurance without providing your name or other personal information is becoming more appealing for shoppers. While generic car insurance quotes aren’t exact, they can provide a cost estimate to help you determine which companies best fit your needs.

How can I get a no obligation car insurance quote online?

The best way to get a no-obligation car insurance estimate is to enter minimal personal information, but make sure whatever you enter is accurate. Auto insurance companies may ask for your zip code, driving history and vehicle information. Some may also require an email address, though. Is getting a car insurance quote online safe?

How easy is it to get an auto insurance quote?

It’s that fast and easy. Best part is, our auto insurance quotes are completely free. So if you like our rates (and we’re pretty sure you will), simply purchase your policy online and we’ll provide you with immediate proof of car insurance.

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