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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of the anonymous logon group?

This is convenient, for example, when an administrator wants to give access to users in a trusted domain that does not maintain a reciprocal trust. However, even with this policy setting enabled, anonymous users will have access to resources with permissions that explicitly include the built-in group, ANONYMOUS LOGON.

What is the antonym of anonymous?

anonymously. Contexts. Opposite of adverb for unnamed or not identified by a name (or face) Opposite of adverb for created by someone whose name is unknown or withheld. Opposite of adverb for having no exceptional or distinguishing qualities or characteristics. Adverb.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous slogan?

“Let Go and Let God”: This can be a tricky slogan for those who struggle with the use of God throughout the Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous. The first part of this aa slogan is to remind us that we cannot control everything. With that being said, there are some situations where this slogan would be inappropriate.

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