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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an anonymous VPN and how does it work?

First of all, what is an anonymous VPN? That would be a virtual private network that does everything it can to keep you anonymous online. Whether or not it will succeed depends on the level of anonymity you require and on what you’re doing.

Which VPN has the most anonymous logs?

ExpressVPN ExpressVPN is the most anonymous VPN. It is a highly private and reliable VPN service. Although no VPN can guarantee complete anonymity, ExpressVPN can offer great no logs, great security features, stealth servers. Aggregated or Anonymised Logs?

What is the best anonymous VPN for 2021?

The best anonymous VPN services in 2021 | Does a VPN make you untraceable? 1 1. ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is an highly private and reliable VPN service. No VPN can guarantee complete anonymity, but ExpressVPN ... 2 2. NordVPN. 3 3. IPVanish. 4 4. Private Internet Access. 5 5. PrivateVPN. More items

Is it possible to be 100% anonymous online without a VPN?

But if you want to be completely invisible online, you need more than just an anonymous VPN service. With or without a VPN, it’s very difficult to be 100% anonymous online.

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