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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Ansarada platform?

All you need to know to get started in the Platform Training videos to quickly get up to speed on the Platform Take a Pathway to prepare, get ready and stay ready for what's next Manage access, collaborate with teams and participate in Q&A

How to change security settings in Ansarada team?

Follow these steps to apply Security settings on a Team or Sub-team. 1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select either Sell side or Buy side. ⚠️Good to know: The wording on the internal and external tabs for managing Teams/people under the Left menu change based on the Room’s transaction type.

How does Ansarada help in m & a management?

Get confidence and control with a total transaction management solution for M&A, divestments, capital raising, IPOs and restructure. Deals are complicated. We make the technology simple.

Where do I find temp save in Ansarada?

The Temp save Security control is applied within the Team or Sub-team Security settings. By turning Security controls on, the Temp save feature can be applied to files. Their access to saved documents will automatically expire when they are disabled from the Room or if the file is disabled or later hidden from their Team.

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