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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ansarada VDR virtual data room work?

Ansarada VDR virtual data room provides a centralized highly secure workspace where deal participants can upload, view, search and share any data that is related to the deal. To maintain security and compliance users with certain permissions can share highly confidential documents with password protected links.

Is it safe to use Ansarada data room?

Apparently, no one may prevent a client from exploiting the platform for other purposes but Ansarada pays enough effort to maintain the reputation of the data room M&A participants would be satisfied to utilize. It is over 10 years since the developer introduced its product to businessmen.

When do I need to use Ansarada tender platform?

If you’re running a tender, an RFP, a gateway review or feasibility study, or any aspect of a tender process, you will need to use the Ansarada Tender Platform, which has been custom built for these complex processes. Pricing for the Tender Platform is based on the data size and duration of your project and includes:

How to create a secure virtual data room?

Easy uploads via Drag & Drop - import your entire index structure to the data room in two clicks No document preparation is necessary – we support 25+ file formats for secure viewing, printing and downloading Copy and paste email addresses to invite hundreds of users to the data room in a minute

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