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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is medical Ansell important to the healthcare industry?

Comprehensive worldwide footprint in distribution, market share, customer satisfaction, and philanthropy. As the healthcare industry evolves, pressures to improve patient outcomes, drive efficiencies, and reduce costs continue to rise.

Who are the customers of Ansell medical gloves?

Ansell’s Healthcare division manufactures and markets surgical and exam gloves for both healthcare and industrial applications. Its customer base in the medical space includes acute care hospitals, emergency services, alternate care, dentistry and veterinary clinics – protecting both patients and healthcare workers alike.

What kind of work does Ansell Industrial do?

Ansell’s Industrial division manufactures and markets high-performance hand and body protection solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications. Ansell protects workers in almost every industry including automotive, chemical, metal fabrication, machinery and equipment, food, construction and mining.

How long has Ansell been the leader in safety?

Ansell has been a trusted, worldwide leader in safety solutions for more than 125 years. We have earned that distinction as a result of decades of commitment to quality and customer service.

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