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Frequently Asked Questions

How are ringers gloves part of Ansell Limited?

Ringers Gloves, a part of Ansell Limited, presents a tutorial on how the new ANSI/ISEA 138 standard helps you choose the best impact-resistant gloves for your workers' safety. Ringers Gloves develops each glove with our proprietary F3 Technology, providing the best fit, form, and function.

What do you need to know about ringers gloves?

Ringers gloves protect workers while materials handling, using tools, operating heavy equipment, and more. Developed with proprietary F3 Technology™, our gloves meet industry requirements for cut and impact protection plus deliver high tactile feel and comfort for all-day wear.

How does ringers brand help protect your hands?

Watch Ansell executives explain how their impact protection brand, RINGERS ®, helps protect hands from crush and pinch injuries by using innovative hand safety technology that combines the science of impact protection with the art of design.

Why are Ringer's gloves made with F3 technology?

We believe hands are worth it, safety is worth it, and so we design gloves that are worth it. All Ringers’ gloves are developed with our proprietary F3 Technology™ — a unique approach that results in gloves with the best fit, form, and function.

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