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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work does Ansell Industrial do?

Ansell’s Industrial division manufactures and markets high-performance hand and body protection solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications. Ansell protects workers in almost every industry including automotive, chemical, metal fabrication, machinery and equipment, food, construction and mining.

Is the Ansell nitrile glove good for chemotherapy?

With its high strength and excellent protection features, this glove is ideal for nearly all clinical settings. * See product packaging or contact Ansell Customer Service for specific chemotherapy drug permeation times and recommendations.

How much money have companies saved with Ansell?

Combined with our AnsellGUARDIAN ® consultative service, we've saved companies $165 million. Hear from leading experts on reopening guidelines and recommendations for elective surgery and dental practices - available now.

What do you need to know about Ansell ergoform?

ERGOFORM is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance. *Based on Ansell durability pull test data, when compared to performance of disposable nitrile gloves of similar thickness.

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