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Frequently Asked Questions

What does flexor Ansel guide sheath stand for?

Intended to introduce therapeutic or diagnostic devices into the vasculature, excluding coronary and neuro vasculature.

What kind of work does Ansell Industrial do?

Ansell’s Industrial division manufactures and markets high-performance hand and body protection solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications. Ansell protects workers in almost every industry including automotive, chemical, metal fabrication, machinery and equipment, food, construction and mining.

What do you need to know about Ansell gloves?

Explore a wide range of Ansell™ BioClean™ and Ansell™ AlphaTec™ RABS and Isolator pharmaceutical-grade gloves, protective clothing, and essentials for protecting people who work in controlled or critical environments. Browse safety solutions for protecting workers from chemical, biological, and physical hazards in the laboratory environment.

Which is the best Ansell brand for personal protection?

From laboratories and clean and sterile environments to manufacturing and high-tech environments, Ansell is your answer for personal protection to keep you and your surroundings safe. Look for leading and trusted Ansell brands in every industry sector:

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