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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ansell mean in history?

Ansell History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms. Ansell is one of the many names that the Normans brought with them when they conquered England in 1066. The name Ansell came from the Germanic personal name Ansell composed of the elements ans, which means god, and helm, which means protection or helmet.

Is there a different spelling of Ansel?

For that reason, spelling variations occurred commonly in Anglo Norman surnames. Over the years, many variations of the name Ansel were recorded, including Ansell, Ancell, Ancelle, Anselm, Anselme, Anstrell and many more.

Who was Saint Anselm of Aosta?

Saint Anselm of Aosta (c. 1033-1109), was a theologian, Abbot of Bec, and Archbishop of Canterbury. He was "born at or near Aosta about the year 1033, or two years before the death of Cnut, king of England, and two years before William the Conqueror became duke of Normandy.

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