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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ansul stand for?

The essence of the given name Ansul stands for practicality, realism, reliability, discipline, sincerity and experience.

How long does an Ansul Fire system service take?

How long does an Ansul fire system service take? With an Aura Fire Safety (AFS) Specialist we will work with you to keep up regular maintenance and testing for your Ansul system. Typically a semi-annual test will take roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the hood and the number of appliances. This is time well spent.

How are Ansul systems work?

How does an Ansul system work? The Ansul system uses tried and tested technology to quickly detect a fire. It can also simultaneously interface with any gas valve/electrical supply to the equipment a fire is detected on. Where fire is detected, the Ansul Suppression agent is discharged onto the fire, forming a solid layer of foam.

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