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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ansul known for?

Ansul’s initial activities included production of cattle feed, refrigerants and selected specialty chemicals. The name Ansul comes from ANhydrous SULfur dioxide (SO2), which was sold to die works and fruit preservers, and later as a refrigerant. Production of fire suppression chemicals began in 1934.

What is ansansul fire protection?

ANSUL is a line of special hazard fire protection products designed to meet strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of independent labs and approval agencies all over the world. Tyco Fire Protection Products introduced this premium brand in 1939.


ANSUL is the registered trade name for Ansul's products and is often used in conjunction with the trade name for their specific products, such as ANSUL SENTRY fire extinguishers.

What kind of fire extinguishers do Ansul make?

ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated fire extinguishers provide the high flow rate needed in high fire risk industries. New Heavy-Duty, Water-Powered, Oscillating Monitor Assemblies provide exceptional durability for extended, continuous, or repetitive use in industrial system applications.

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