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Frequently Asked Questions

What is monopole antenna?

The monopole antenna has image through a metal or ground plane. There are variations to monopole antenna which will provide antennas of inverted-L and inverted-F types. These type of monopole antennas are used for hand held portable telephones.

What is the directivity of a monopole antenna in decibels?

Since Zin = V/I, the impedance of the monopole antenna is halved. The directivity of a monopole antenna is directly related to that of a dipole antenna. If the directivity of a dipole of length 2L has a directivity of D1 [decibels], then the directivity of a monopole antenna of length L will have a directivity of D1+3 [decibels].

What is the impedance of a half wave monopole antenna?

The only change that needs to be noted is that the impedance of a monopole antenna is one half of that of a full dipole antenna. For a quarter-wave monopole ( L =0.25* ), the impedance is half of that of a half-wave dipole, so Zin = 36.5 + j21.25 Ohms.

What is the radiation pattern of a monopole?

Like a dipole antenna, a monopole has an omnidirectional radiation pattern: it radiates with equal power in all azimuthal directions perpendicular to the antenna. However, the radiated power varies with elevation angle, with the radiation dropping off to zero at the zenith of the antenna axis. It radiates vertically polarized radio waves.

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