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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is antanton Popovič?

Anton Popovič (27 July 1933 – 24 June 1984) was a fundamental Slovak translation scientist and text theoretician. He is recognized for his important contributions to the modern development of translation studies.

How did Anton Popovič die?

On 24 June 1984, Anton Popovič died of kidney cancer following a long ill- ness. He is buried in Bratislava. As an outstanding academic igure, Anton Popovič was permitted by the Communist Party to represent Czechoslovak literary and translation studies abroad, both in the East and in the West.

When did Anton Popovič start his translation work?

As early as 1968, Anton Popovič published his irst major work on translation Preklad a výraz [Translation and Expression], which included a detailed summary in English. It was this summary which aroused interest in his work outside the Eastern bloc.

Is Popovič being rediscovered?

Today, Popovič is being rediscovered, as attested to by the recent Italian translation of his key monograph, Teória umeleckého prekladu [Theory of Artistic Translation].

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