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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mail stay available in my AOL mailbox?

You get "mail days to sync" by setting up your account as IMAP if that is available. But you didn't say who the email provider is. Who is it, Yahoo? AOL? What company?

Is AOL a good email service?

The answer is it is not. AOL is still alive and technically still making most of its money from subscribers to the various services it offers. These days, those services include broadband. AOL's true value is not in its subscriber base, though.

Why Cant I access my AOL email?

One of the top reasons a user can't find their emails is due to settings from a third-party email client such as Outlook or the Mail app on your phone. Chances are the settings in the program are set to delete the emails from the AOL server each time you check your mail. You can fix this by making sure the "Keep email on server" setting is enabled.

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