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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the periodic table have to do with chemistry?

The periodic-table. noun. The periodic table is a chart used in chemistry that shows chemical elements in order of their atomic number. An organized table of chemical elements such as oxygen and carbon is an example of the periodic table.

How do chemists use the periodic table?

It's about seeing trends and patterns in the ways elements behave -- that's why it's the periodic table after all. One of the most common ways chemists use it is to identify chemical similarities among elements, typically by considering elements in the same column of the periodic table.

Why is periodic table in chemistry important?

The periodic table is very important to scientists. It gives atomic mass of the element. Thus when they combine elements they take all the information to help determine the weight of the new elements and its effects.

How do you find elements in the periodic table?

To find the number of electrons an element has, locate it on the periodic table of elements, find the atomic number, and note the number of protons; because atoms are naturally electrically neutral, the protons and electrons are usually equal. Look at the oxidation number for further information.

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