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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better an apartment or a house?

Many suburban areas are perceived to be safer and have better schools than urban areas, which is where you are more likely to find a higher density of apartments and more crowded housing conditions. A house can also provide more privacy than apartment living.

Where can you find an apartment?

Check local newspaper websites. If you have no luck finding an apartment other ways you can check local periodicals where you want to live. Most local newspapers have real estate sections, which they probably post on their websites. You can also use this method to find an apartment.

Where can you find cheap apartments?

There are various places to find cheap apartment rentals such as My New Place and Apartment Source. Each offer browsing capabilities by city and state and even what you are willing to pay each month. Other sources include sites such as Craig's List, where you can browse ads that individuals have posted offering apartment rentals.

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