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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use apkmody on Android 9?

Is safe? Running Android 9 and apkmodi is 3.0. The fact that your name is literally apkmody isn't really reassuring.... Yes, I use it for months and i have downloaded many APK games and its legit im not hacked and nothing happened.

Can you use modded APKs on Android 11?

Modded APKs don't work anymore on Android 11. Modded apks that i have used for ages like PicsArt dont work anymore on my new oneplus 8 pro. It still works fine on my xiaomi device (android 10). Anyone know how I can get them to work on my oneplus?

What do you need to know about

Description:It allow rooted android phone to lock on a specific mobile network band. Mod Features: Removing the ad banner and slowing down or turning off the scrolling of the details tabs. A Community Dedicated To Modded Android App Releases. Requests Are Welcome In This Sub-reddit.

Which is the best APK game for Android?

Games. 1 Blade Bound. v2.16.2 • Origin APK / MOD No Skill CD, One Hit. 2 Minecraft. 3 Monster Killer Pro. 4 Payback 2. 5 Fortnite. More items

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