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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download games on my PS4?

Scroll through the games you have access to and tap the “Download to your PS4” button for any you want to download. Your PS4 will automatically download them. You can tap your account icon and select “Download Queue” to view the queue of games you’re downloading and their status.

How do I stream my PS4?

How to Stream Video From Playstation 4 Start the game you wish to stream. Press the 'Share' Button. Select "Broadcast Gameplay" Select the service you wish to stream to. ( or UStream) Link your Twitch / UStream profile to your PS4. (This is done on their respective websites) Title your broadcast / set streaming options

Can I play my PS4 on laptop?

If you wish to play your ps4 on your laptop, you have to check whether your laptop or PC has the HDMI or DVI port. One of it will do and it has to be programmed for input. Sadly, over 95% of laptops have the output port. If your laptop does not have any of these, then you have to use the external graphic capture cards.

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