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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the airport in Appleton?

ATW is the airport code for Appleton Intl.. What is the name of the airport in ? Appleton Intl. is the airport in and uses the airport code: ATW. How to find cheap flights from ATW with Expedia?

How many flights a week does Appleton airport have?

The route with the most departures is the route to Chicago (ORD) with an average of 58 flights from Appleton every week which is 45% of all weekly departures. As far as we know there are no international flights from Appleton.

What does ATW stand for Appleton airport?

ATW is the code for Appleton Intl. airport in . Which airlines fly out of Appleton Intl. (ATW)? The airlines flying out of Appleton Intl. (ATW) include: American Airlines, Delta. What is the most popular airline that flies out of Airport (ATW)? is the most popular airline operating out of airport (ATW).

How far is Appleton airport from the city center?

From the city center of Appleton to the terminals you will need approx. 13 minutes by car, as the distance is about 4 miles. To have a look at the Appleton-Airport Flight Information please check the "Arrivals & Departures" section.

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