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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules relating to appropriation?

In the 44th Congress, on September 14, 1837 the House adopted a rule which stated: "No appropriation shall be reported in such general appropriation bills, or be in order as an amendment thereto, for any expenditure not previously authorized by law."

What is the definition of appropriation?

Definition of appropriation. 1 : an act or instance of appropriating something. 2. : something that has been appropriated; specifically. : money set aside by formal action for a specific use. the city's appropriation for schools.

What is the appropriation process?

Appropriations Process. Congress annually considers several appropriations measures, which provide funding for numerous activities, for example, national defense, education, homeland security, crime, as well as general government operations.

What is another word for appropriation?

Synonyms for Appropriation: n. • reduction, bailout, change, allowance, curtailment, allotment, funding, amount, stipulation, apportionment, donation, grant, concession, bond, bankroll, allocation, bounty. Other synonyms: • means, sponsorship, selection, arrogation, preemption, spending, rebate, coffer, bailout, funding.

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