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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppScan on cloud (ASOC)?

HCL AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) is a SaaS solution for all application security testing needs. It consolidates all HCL Security’s testing capabilities into a single service that provides a uniform experience for all technologies. HCL Security ASoC can scan web, mobile, and desktop applications using dynamic and static techniques.

What is AppScan a?

A comprehensive, cloud-based application security solution that provides the speed and accuracy of AppScan in a powerful, easy to consume service. Integration with leading build environments, DevOps tools and IDEs provides a frictionless experience for application security testing and fast, targeted remediation of vulnerabilities.

What is ASOC static security scanning?

ASoC performs security scans for web and desktop applications. Its Static Analysis includes Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) and Intelligent Code Analytics (ICA). IFA can dramatically reduce the manual effort of triaging security findings to focus only on positive, high-value issues.

What is the ASOC tool?

ASoC identifies open source packages that are used in the application, reports those that have known vulnerabilities, and offers remediation advice. Open source testing can be run alone or as part of a static scan. See Open source testing

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