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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an application for Dast scan?

If you have not yet done so: Create an application for your scans. If your site is not available on the Internet, and an AppScan Presence does not yet exist on the server: Create an AppScan Presence. On the specific Application page, click Create scan, then select Dynamic (DAST) to open the wizard.

What kind of scanning does AppScan on cloud do?

AppScan on Cloud looks for and scans specific file types associated with supported languages. For applications written in languages such as Ruby, ASoC scans source code. For applications written in languages such as Java, ASoC scans binary files of built code.

How is AppScan used to test complex apps?

AppScan users can tailor testing to suit the needs of most complex apps, by recording complex multi-step sequences, dynamically generating unique data and tracking a diverse set of headers and tokens. Test optimization algorithms deliver an optimal trade-off between speed and coverage, to enable faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy.

What is the purpose of HCl AppScan standard?

AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool designed for security experts and pen-testers. Using a powerful scanning engine, AppScan automatically crawls the target app and tests for vulnerabilities.

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