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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppScan a?

A comprehensive, cloud-based application security solution that provides the speed and accuracy of AppScan in a powerful, easy to consume service. Integration with leading build environments, DevOps tools and IDEs provides a frictionless experience for application security testing and fast, targeted remediation of vulnerabilities.

What is IBM Security AppScan ®?

IBM Security AppScan ® Standar d is a security vulnerability testing tool for web applications and web services. It featur es the most advanced testing methods to help pr otect your site fr om the thr eat of cyber -attack, together with a full range of application data output options.

Why choose AppScan enterprise for security testing?

AppScan Enterprise provides centralized control with advanced application scanning and remediation capabilities. Comprehensive REST API enables security testing automation and full control of on-boarding and auditing activities. Security testing can be integrated into the pipeline and be triggered by CI/CD tools.

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