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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I run a scan in AppScan?

You can then run the scan in the cloud or use a plugin to automate scanning. In AppScan on Cloud, click Create Scan to open the wizard, then click Static Scan. Choose the platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) for which to download the utility and click Download. Extract the files and install the utility to your local system.

What can AppScan do for a small business?

Its powerful static and dynamic scanning engines can deploy in every phase of the development lifecycle and test web applications, APIs and mobile apps. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it is an on-premise and cloud-based solution that helps identify and remediate vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs.

Where is the configuration file in AppScan on cloud?

AppScan on Cloud saves the scan configuration file ( appscan-config.xml) to the folder with your files to scan. You can exit the utility at this point and pick up again later, or login to the AppScan on Cloud service and configure and run the scan now.

How does HCl AppScan on cloud work with SDLC?

Apply the power of static application security testing with HCL AppScan on Cloud – a SaaS solution that helps to eliminate vulnerabilities from applications before they are deployed. HCL AppScan on Cloud integrates directly into the SDLC, providing static, dynamic, mobile and open source testing.

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