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Frequently Asked Questions

How is AppScan used to test complex apps?

AppScan users can tailor testing to suit the needs of most complex apps, by recording complex multi-step sequences, dynamically generating unique data and tracking a diverse set of headers and tokens. Test optimization algorithms deliver an optimal trade-off between speed and coverage, to enable faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy.

What do you need to know about HCl AppScan?

HCL® AppScan® Sourcedelivers maximum value to every user in your organization who plays a role in software security. Whether a security analyst, quality assurance professional, developer, or executive, the AppScan Sourceproducts deliver the functionality, flexibility, and power you need - right to your desktop. Installing

What does IBM Security AppScan standar d do?

IBM Security AppScan ® Standar d is a security vulnerability testing tool for web applications and web services. It featur es the most advanced testing methods to help pr otect your site fr om the thr eat of cyber -attack, together with a full range of application data output options.

Why is my login delayed on scan123?

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