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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the appspace app?

The Appspace app allows employees to browse and view corporate content published to them, via their mobile phones. The Appspace Employee App portal is a web-based system for employees to view published corporate content, make workspace reservations, and reserve building passes.

Is the appspace platform built for the cloud?

Built for the cloud, the Appspace platform is fast, secure and ready to scale in an instant. Start for free and adjust your subscription level when you are ready to expand.

How much does it cost to add more storage to appspace?

Additional cloud storage can be added for $0.10/GB/mo. and bandwidth can be added for $0.15/GB/mo. These can be added to any paid subscription. Additional storage and bandwidth cannot be added to Appspace Free. Are there educational discounts?

Is the HTML5 engine compatible with appspace?

A powerful HTML5 engine provides smooth video playback & transitions, sharp text & graphics presentation, pixel-perfect content positioning, and is compatible with Appspace’s powerful feature set. Don't have Appspace? Learn more and set up an account at

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