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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to use AppSync?

AppSync provides a guided schema creation wizard that is recommended for first-time users who have never used GraphQL or AppSync before. Alternatively, you can import from an existing Amazon DynamoDB table to create a real-time and offline GraphQL API or build the entire backend with or without a pre-existing schema .

How does AWS AppSync work for mobile apps?

AWS AppSync is a way to synchronize the data used in a web or mobile app, allowing developers to choose which data should be synced in real-time. AppSync relies on a GraphQL, which was originally developed by Facebook, for the data syncing.

What does appsync.exe stand for in AV tool detection?

AppSync.exe is an executable that is related to a potentially unwanted application named PUP.Optional.AppSync and other questionable AV tool detection results. These apps usually travel in software bundles – a clever technique used by PUP authors to spread their products.

What can AppSync do for the host host?

AppSync provides intuitive workflows to setup scheduled protection and repurposing jobs that provide end to end automation of all the steps from application discovery and storage mapping to mounting of the copies to the target hosts

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