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Frequently Asked Questions

What is appxsvc?

AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC): The function of AppxSVC is deploying Store apps. It is noticeable that those Universal Windows Platform apps are distributed in Apps packages. To put it differently, this process is in charge of installing, uninstalling and updating Store apps.

Is it normal for appxsvc to not start automatically?

I'm afraid this is not normal. We could disable it and it will not start automatically. AppX Deployment Service (AppXSvc) is a service that supports the deployment of Store applications. This service is started on demand and if disabled Store applications will not be deployed to the system, and may not function properly.

Does wsappx include appx deployment service (appxsvc)?

On both Windows 8 and 10, wsappx includes the AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC). On Windows 10, you’ll also see the Client License Service (ClipSVC).

Do clipsvc and appx automatically run in the background?

They don’t automatically run in the background. They launch as needed, and close when they aren’t needed. For example, launch a Store app and you’ll see ClipSVC appear. Launch the Windows Store itself and you’ll see AppXSVC appear. Install or uninstall an app and you’ll see AppX using some system resources to complete the process.

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