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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Aquarium of the Pacific from Disneyland?

The driving distance from Disneyland Resort to Aquarium of the Pacific is 42 km.

Does Aquarium of the Pacific allow foods?

Food at Aquarium of the Pacific While food is not allowed throughout the aquarium, guests can visit Cafe Scuba for a snack or meal. It offers daily specials, as well as classic cafe foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and more. There is also a small snack bar on the first floor that sells coffee, soda and light treats.

What is the best aquarium in California?

Monterey Bay Aquarium is best aquarium in California. There are others, but they don’t touch the quality, professionalism, scope and magnitude of what is being done in Monterey Bay. The Monterrey Aquarium is the best aquarium I've been to (in California and elsewhere). The Long Beach Aquarium is a solid second place.

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