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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy betta fish online?

Aquabid is one of the most popular methods for buying bettas online. Aquabid is an online auction site, very much like Ebay, that deals strictly in live fish and aquaria. Their betta pages are extensive and some of the world’s most accomplished breeders sell their fish there.

What is the best fish for fish tank?

Generally, the best fish for a 1-gallon tank is a betta because they are hearty and need separation from other fish.

What is the best pet fish?

Six great fish types to keep as pets Beautiful, bright and mesmerising – these fish are the perfect pets. 1. Crown Tail Male Betta Fish 2. Tetras 3. Guppies 4. Platies 5. Swordtails 6. Molly fish

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