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Frequently Asked Questions

What AR15 parts can be used on an AR10?

Parts that are typically compatible between the AR-15 and AR-10 at a glance Buttstock assemblies Triggers and trigger springs Bolt catch roll pin (Armalite Style only) Hammers and hammer springs Pistol grips (a spacer may be needed for certain models) Receiver extension (Buffer Tube) Disconnector and disconnector spring Buffer detent Magazine release buttons and springs Safety selectors

What are the components of an AR - 15?

The AR-15 consists of three major components: the upper receiver, the bolt and bolt carrier, and the lower receiver. Two pins hold together the upper and lower receiver. Pushing the rearmost pinout will allow the upper receiver to tilt forward for field cleaning.

What tools do you need to build an AR - 15?

Apart from the specialized AR-15 tools, we also recommend the following basic tools when building an AR-15: A pair of needle nose pliers. A hammer or mallet. A X-ACTO knife or a sharp cutting utensil. A flat head screwdriver. A roll pin punch set.

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