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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to serialize an 80% lower rifle?

In most cases, you do not need to serialize your 80% lower, even after building your rifle or pistol. Under federal law, any individual building a firearm at home for personal use does not need to mark their firearm with a serial number. The ATF still recommends you engrave a serial number if you ever plan on selling your homemade firearm later.

Do you need a serial number for an AR 15?

If you decided to build an AR-15 or other firearm using an 80% lower or receiver blank, your first question is probably, "Does it need a serial number?"

Can you use an 80% lower to build an AR-15?

Common sense says this would effectively negate any benefits or conveniences of using an 80 lower to build an AR-15 or other gun, because then you're just throwing in paperwork and government bureacracy. Let's answer the most common questions and we'll cover how you can serialize an 80% lower by choice, or if it's required in your state.

How tall is the 80% lower serial number?

To meet the standards, your 80% lower, frame, or receiver's markings must: Be engraved at least 0.003" into the material. Have a minimum text size of no less than 1/16" in height. A.B. 857 went into effect July 1, 2018. That means any self-made firearm with no serial number that may exist after this date would need to be destroyed.

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