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Frequently Asked Questions

What is complete AR 15 upper?

An AR-15 upper receiver assembly is a part of the AR-15 rifle that a bullet will be fired out of. It is through this that the projectile will move through evenly and in a straight line. The design allows the bullet to move out while also allowing gas to move out of the gun.

What are the parts of an AR 15?

The AR-15 consists of three major components: the upper receiver, the bolt and bolt carrier, and the lower receiver. Two pins hold together the upper and lower receiver. Pushing the rearmost pinout will allow the upper receiver to tilt forward for field cleaning.

Who makes AR Stoner parts?

AR Stoner does not make barrels. It Is Midway's house brand. They buy barrels (among other products) in bulk and resell at a compeditive price. AR Stoner barrels, depending on the specific barrel, are made either by Wilson or E.R. Shaw.

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