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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best AR-15 upper?

Before covering our picks, here's a quick breakdown of the best AR-15 manufacturers that we feel comfortable recommending: Best Overall AR-15 Manufacturers: Bravo Company (BCM) Daniel Defense; Colt; Knight Armament; LWRC; Larue; Rainier Arms; Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) Noveske; Yankee Hill Machine; SIG Sauer; Best Mid Tier and Budget AR-15 Manufacturers: Aero Precision

How much does an AR-15 cost on average?

At the lower end, AR-15 rifles start at around $400 for a basic model, while higher-end models can sell for $2,000 or more. Of course, there are a plethora of options in between, guaranteeing that...

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