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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be Arab?

Arab means belonging or relating to Arabs or to their countries or customs. Arabic is a language that is spoken in the Middle East and in parts of North Africa. Something that is Arabic belongs or relates to the language, writing, or culture of the Arabs.

What do you call a person who speaks Arabic?

Arab, one whose native language is Arabic. In modern usage, it embraces any of the Arabic-speaking peoples living in the vast region from Mauritania, on the Atlantic coast of Africa, to southwestern Iran, including the entire Maghrib of North Africa, Egypt and Sudan, the Arabian Peninsula, and Syria and Iraq.

What is Arabic keyboard ™?

Arabic Keyboard ™ لوحة المفاتيح العربية online editor to write or search in arabic if u don't have arabic keyboard ( كيبورد للكتابة بالعربي ) Arabic keyboard Home Search Translate Tools ∇ Editor Currency Converter Photoshop arabic Games ∇ Typing Test Arabic Typing Test Learn arabic تشكيل الحروف New | Google| Youtube| Images| Yahoo!|

What is the meaning of Araboid?

1. a member of an Arabic-speaking people or citizen of an Arabic-speaking nation. 2. a member of a Semitic people inhabiting since ancient times the Arabian Peninsula and the desert fringes of Mesopotamia and the Levant: after a.d. 632, spreading throughout SW Asia and N Africa.

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