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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do Arcade 1up Arcade machines get?

By default, the machines stand 45.8 inches (116 centimetres) tall, which is an ideal sitting height, but if you want to use your machine stood up, the riser will increase the height to 57.8 inches (145cm), which will be much more comfortable for the majority of people. Arcade 1Up Counter-Cades (Image credit: Arcade 1Up)

Are there any issues with the Arcade 1Up?

2, the video and audio are way out of sync, on all games, right out of the box. It's a 2018 model, and Arcade 1up was aware of the issue, and started replacing that board for that reason, alone. 3, In Millipede, the playfield is offset enough to hide the player ship when at the far left of screen.

How big is a classic arcade cabinet screen?

3/4 Scale of classic arcade cabinets! Dimensions: 45.8” H x 22.75” H x 19” W. Weight: 58.5lbs 3 Games in 1 (Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers, Street Fighter ll Turbo) 17" Color LCD screen.

What does the riser do on an Arcade 1Up?

View Deal The Riser is a booster to increase the height of one of Arcade 1Up’s cabinets.

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