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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Arcade1Up Star Wars pinball machine good?

This price range is becoming more of the norm for Arcade1Up. With 10 included boards and an impressive build quality, Star Wars Pinball offers good value for a home pinball machine. There are home pinball machines that feature even more boards, though.

What's the difference between a pinball table and an Arcade1Up?

That's where Arcade1Up's new virtual pinball machines come in. Much like it did with arcade machines, Arcade1Up has designed a digital pinball table that's both size-appropriate and much cheaper than standard pinball machines.

Is there an Arcade 1Up at Wal Mart?

If you're a Gen Xer with fond memories of playing this machine in your local arcade/tavern/small town Wal-Mart lobby (that's me!), this machine will definitely provide the nostalgia at a price that, while marginally higher than other Arcade1Up cabs, is pretty reasonable. May the Force be with you! 4.0 out of 5 stars One (very) minor flaw.

Is there a pinball game like Star Wars?

Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball cleverly replicates the feel of pinball on a digital table. Though it's slightly disappointing that all of the boards hail from Zen Studios' video game, each of the boards offers a distinct experience that celebrates different movies and moments in Star Wars history.

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