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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best college for architectural design?

Three of the best schools in the nation for studying architecture are Princeton University, Columbia University, and Yale University. These prestigious institutions have architecture programs accredited by the NAAB, and they offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field.

What to do with a degree in architectural engineering?

If you aspire to become an architectural engineer, you will generally need a college degree and postgraduate study. Architectural engineers focus on a wide variety of things, such as developing plans and being involved in such building aspects as lighting, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.

Do architectural engineers design buildings?

Architectural Engineering. Architectural engineers apply science and technology to the real world by designing buildings that enhance our standard of living and improve our quality of life. They do this by combining building systems – structural, electrical, mechanical, lighting, acoustics and fire protection - into an integrated whole.

How is architecture and architectural engineering different?

Architecture focuses more on the aesthetic design and the functional and spatial layout of buildings as opposed to the engineering that architectural engineering incorporates. Architectural engineers apply engineering principles to the construction, planning and design of buildings and other structures.

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